Soultonic is the artist name for musician & producer Chris Micklethwaite.

The use of the name Soultonic has evolved over the years. Originally born as a club night with a residency at the Mint Club in Leeds and also occasionally on tour in London, Sheffield and Manchester UK, with a focus on Soulful House and guest DJs including heavyweights such as Copyright and Marshall Jefferson. Chris then continued his collaboration with DJ-Producer Euan Mitchell, and together they launched Soultonic Recordings and Soultonic Mono, record labels, with soulful, deep and vocal house output on vinyl and early digital platforms. That iteration of Soultonic closed down in 2008.

Beyond that, Chris’ musical journey has continued, both as a pianist and also developing his own electronica sound and production skills. In 2015 Chris adopted Soultonic as his artist name, and created Soultonic Music as the label for his own productions.